Designed by Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred to enhance your creativity and accelerate your workflow, Live Toolkit 001 is comprised of 26 Audio Effect, Instrument, and MIDI Effect Racks for Ableton Live 9.7.x and higher. From esoteric arpeggiators and MIDI glitch effects to optimized mixing tools and clever scale utilities, Live Toolkit 001 is custom built for inspiration…

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MIDI Effect Racks:

Arpeggiator Per Key
Chord Selector
Drum Thickener
Fractal Arpeggiator Mono
Fractal Arpeggiator Poly
Fractal Arpeggiator Trunk
Key Separator
Note Transformer
Octave Separator
Octave Transposer
Percussion Tool
Scale Selector
Velocity Humanizer

Download includes manual + the following Racks...

Audio Effect Racks:

Amp Stack Mono
Amp Stack Stereo
Analog Path
Channel Strip 2018
Dual Path Bass Tool
EQ Strip Modern
EQ Strip Vintage
Mid-Side Divider
Stereo Divider
Stereo Enhancer
Stereo Glitch Modulator

Instrument Racks:

5 Octave Splitter
10 Octave Splitter